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Here you can learn more about civil, financial and consumer law. Our goal is to answer the most commonly asked questions among Brits today. Please not that this website is for guidance only. It is not legal advice. We strive to keep the information up to date but it is possible that information provided on this webpage is no longer valid when  you are reading this.

Lets look a little bit more at what you can learn about on this website:

Divorce Law

Getting a divorce in the United Kingdom can be a lengthy procedure. However, if both parties are in agreement on child custody and division of finances, solicitors are not usually require. Read more about divorce and prenuptial agreements.

Contract Law

A contract is a voluntary agreement between two parties that states certain obligations will be fulfilled as agreed upon by the parties. Read more …

Consumer law

There are many laws protecting consumers from unfair practices in the United Kingdom. Some of these are preventative in nature. In other words, they try to protect consumers by not allowing unsafe products from being sold. Read more…

Inheritance Law

The United Kingdom inheritance laws are set in place to regulate how a person’s assets are dispersed upon their death.

When a will has been prepared in advance the courts will follow the division of assets as laid out in the will. Read more….